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 POST: Connections Activity on D.C.

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PostSubject: Re: POST: Connections Activity on D.C.   Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:49 am

While reading this book I have made many three-way connections. One of my favorite connections is the connection I made bettween Clara Copperfield, the graveyard, and imprisonment. I obviously connected Clara Copperfield with the graveyard because of her death. I related Clara Copperfield to imprisonment beacause the Mudstones kept the real Clara locked up. The Murdstones wouldn't allow the real Clara to show her love to David. They locked her up.
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PostSubject: Re: POST: Connections Activity on D.C.   Mon Jan 01, 2007 6:22 pm

Mr. Dick-the Kite-eternal friendship.
Kite flying and other games are what grew Mr. Dick and David close, and created a bond between them. Throughout the book the stay friends, and it leads to things such as the Doctor and Annie's marriage being fixed. Mr. Dick's "eternal friendship" with David pays off with both parties many times.
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PostSubject: POST: Connections Activity on D.C   Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:10 pm

One of my three-way connections was with Steerforth to Nice clothes to Lies and Deception. Although Iím sure Steerforth was a popular choice for many of the three-way connections, I chose to write about him because I felt impacted by his negativity, and he was one of the cruelest characters. As David grew up, he began to mature at a slow rate, and consequently, not quick enough to realize the true personality of James Steerforth. From the beginning, Davidís adoration towards Steerforth blinds him to see Steerforthís many faults. It takes David time and patience before he truly begins to open his eyes to see the personality of Steerforth most every other character in the novel despises. Steerfoth contradicts Emily from the beginning, and David is tossed back and forth between his good and bad influence, eventually causing him to pick a side between following Steerforth or Agnesís example. Steerforth is connected to nice clothes, which represent his wealth and everything that has been given to him. Steerforth had been raised by a mother who gave her son everything he could ever want, and consequently as Steerforth grew up, he believed everyone was supposed to serve him. Having never learned the values of life and the ethics of working hard, Steerforth would be forever disabled to have a normal life. Steerforth also connects with lies and deception because the numbers of lies Steerforth has told is far to great to count, and the people he has lied to, is far more than imaginable. Only when Steeforth pushes the limit and runs away with Emily, deceiving the entire family, does David truly see the cruel and awful person Steerforth is.
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PostSubject: Re: POST: Connections Activity on D.C.   Thu Jan 11, 2007 7:16 am

I connected Aunt Betsey (4) to Aunt Betsey's Cotagge (4) to state of experience (6). When Aunt Betsey confronted the Murdstones of the cruelty they inflicted on David and his mother at her house, I thought there was something else that was fueling her anger. I think while she was listening to David's side of the story of how badly the Murdstones treated him and how they tried to teach his mother firmness and tried to change her, I think she put herself in Clara Copperfield's shoes. Aunt Betsey had a terrible marriage once too. I think seeing Mr. Murdstone and hearing of all the horrible things he's done, reminds her of her husband and her marriage. Through her state of experience, she knew that Mr. Murdstone was up to no good, and would not take care of David as well as she could, so she adopted David.
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PostSubject: Re: POST: Connections Activity on D.C.   Thu Jan 11, 2007 9:49 pm

My three way connection was Mr. Dick(7), Kites(14), and it's good to be different and unique(9). I think this because not taking that Mr.Dick is insane he still proves himself something that is out of the crowd. He does stuff that he .thinks will make him different from others
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PostSubject: Re: POST: Connections Activity on D.C.   

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POST: Connections Activity on D.C.
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