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 Literature Notes for Your Intellectual Journal

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PostSubject: Literature Notes for Your Intellectual Journal   Sun Sep 10, 2006 2:34 pm

We'll be talking about this in class, but I want this online for everyone to review.

As you're creating your Intellectual Journal, you will want to have a minimum of one page of notes (more for longer works of literature) in which you bullet key aspects of the literary work. That way, we keep a running "journal" of all the literature we've read this year.

Here's the standard format for your Literary Work. All of these entries below can be done in the form of bullets. Keep it short and focused.

1. Author/Title

2. Genre (e.g., 20th Century American Short Story; 19th Century French Short Story) Shocked

3. Emphasis of Work (e.g., social, political, psychological, satire, realism, impressionism)

4. Cast of Characters

5. Description of Setting

6. Dominant Symbols/Images

7. Major Themes (Issues)

8. Connections (Does this work remind you of other literary works, films, and the like?)
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PostSubject: Re: Literature Notes for Your Intellectual Journal   Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:30 pm

I'll be joining the journal club in the school this month perhaps. I think the lecture would help me a lot. I have read that we will be having sessions on doing an intellectual journal as part of the activities in the club.

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Literature Notes for Your Intellectual Journal
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